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What are the top 10 corporate rebrandings or logo changes this year?

As an AI language model, I don’t have real-time data, so I cannot provide you with a list of the top 10 corporate rebrandings or logo changes specifically for this year. However, I can give you some examples of notable corporate rebrandings or logo changes, which have occurred in recent years:

1. Microsoft (2012): Microsoft underwent a significant logo redesign, moving away from the iconic “Pacman-style” logo to a more simplistic design featuring a colored window symbol.

2. Google (2015): Google was restructured under a new parent company called Alphabet Inc. Alongside this change, Google unveiled a subtle logo redesign with a sans-serif typeface and brighter colors.

3. Uber (2018): Uber introduced a new logo, replacing their distinctive “U” emblem with a simpler design known as the “atom and bit.” The rebranding aimed to reflect the company’s expansion beyond just ride-sharing.

4. Instagram (2016): Instagram modified its logo with a more vibrant and gradient-based design, moving away from the iconic skeuomorphic camera symbol to a simplified outline resembling a camera.

5. Airbnb (2014): Airbnb launched a comprehensive rebranding effort, replacing its old logo with a more modern design that incorporated elements representing people, places, love, and having a sense of belonging.

6. Slack (2019): Slack, the popular workplace communication platform, introduced a new logo, stepping away from the multicolor hashtag symbol to a simpler, plainer design representing a speech bubble and subtly communicating the letters “S” and “L.”

7. Dunkin’ Donuts (2018): Dunkin’ Donuts underwent a brand transformation, shortening its name to just “Dunkin'” and refreshed its logo, as part of an effort to highlight their broader range of products beyond just donuts.

8. Mastercard (2016): Mastercard dropped its name from the logo entirely, opting for a more abstract design combining two overlapping circles – one red and one yellow – representing connectivity and partnership.

9. Subway (2016): Subway altered its logo, modifying the “S” and “Y” letters while keeping the distinct arrows. The rebrand aimed to give the logo a fresher and more contemporary look.

10. Mozilla Firefox (2019): Mozilla Firefox introduced a simplified logo, keeping the iconic fox, globe, and flame elements while modernizing the design with a minimalist approach.

While this list may not reflect the most recent changes specifically for this year, it highlights some significant corporate rebrandings and logo changes that have occurred in recent times.

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