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Which are the top 10 biggest contract signings in sports this year?

As an AI language model, I don’t have access to real-time data. However, I can provide you with information about a few significant contract signings in the sports industry that occurred in recent years. Here are ten notable signings from various sports:

1. Patrick Mahomes: In 2020, Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes signed a 10-year contract extension worth $503 million, making it one of the most lucrative contracts in NFL history.

2. Mike Trout: In 2019, Los Angeles Angels outfielder Mike Trout signed a 12-year contract extension worth $426.5 million, the largest contract in Major League Baseball history at the time.

3. Fernando Alonso: In 2020, Formula One driver Fernando Alonso signed a contract with the Renault F1 Team, marking his return to the sport after a two-year hiatus.

4. Canelo Alvarez: In 2018, Mexican professional boxer Canelo Alvarez signed a five-year, 11-fight contract with sports streaming service DAZN, worth a reported minimum of $365 million.

5. Bryce Harper: In 2019, Philadelphia Phillies outfielder Bryce Harper signed a 13-year contract worth $330 million, the largest free-agent contract in MLB history at that time.

6. Christiano Ronaldo: In 2018, Portuguese footballer Cristiano Ronaldo signed with Juventus F.C. for a transfer fee of approximately €100 million ($117 million).

7. Charles Leclerc: In 2020, Formula One driver Charles Leclerc signed a long-term contract extension with the Scuderia Ferrari team, securing his future in the sport.

8. Zion Williamson: In 2019, American basketball player Zion Williamson signed a rookie contract with the New Orleans Pelicans, worth approximately $44.2 million over four years.

9. Alex Ovechkin: In 2008, Russian ice hockey player Alex Ovechkin signed a 13-year contract extension with the Washington Capitals worth $124 million, which was one of the largest contracts in NHL history at the time.

10. Neymar Jr.: In 2017, Brazilian footballer Neymar Jr. signed with Paris Saint-Germain for a record-breaking transfer fee of €222 million ($263 million), the highest in football history.

Please note that these signings are examples and not necessarily from the current year. To get updated information on the top 10 biggest contract signings in sports this year, I recommend referring to sports news websites or reliable sources dedicated to sports.

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